Youth Centers / Oratories

This section under the Youth Ministry is headed by Abba Samuel Abreha at the moment in collaboration with the Youth Ministry Delegate. The province has 12 Youth centers/oratories in the province at the moment. The houses of Gotera (Provincial House) and Hawassa do not have an oratory/youth center. All the oratories and youth centers of the province function on a daily basis providing educational and recreational service to the young people of the locality. In practically all of the oratories there is a group of boys and girls who are called ‘animators’ who see to the daily running of the oratory. An annual meeting is conducted for this group of animators at a national or regional level where the youngsters have the possibility of meeting together and learning in a shared family experience. In the past years there has been a qualitative improvement in the organization of these national or regional gatherings. It has to be also appreciated that in the previous SYM gathering there had been a very good collaboration from all the communities in cost sharing so much so that there was very little financial burden from the provincial community in the organization of the SYM.

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